Artivain Minecraft server

The only free modded survival server!

How to connect?

Version: 1.7.10 (Forge)
Required mods: Modpack Artivain version 4 (available in downloads section)
Discord server:

Automatic installation (recommended)

Install the modpack in your Minecraft launcher with the automatic installer. The updates are installed automatically when you start Minecraft with the modpack.

Manual installation (advanced)

Install Minecraft (Premium or custom launcher) and Forge. Download the modpack Artivain v4. Copy all the files and folders downloaded to the game directory (.minecraft or equivalent). Run the game and connect to the server!

Server status


Offline: The server is offline or not available.
Online: You can connect to the server.
Unknown: It is impossible to get the server status. Try again by reloading this page.


Vote for our server on and get free rewards! You can vote every 24 hours. to get your rewards, ask an administrator or a moderator. More votes you get, bigger your rewards are! That's not enought? You can make a review (on the vote page). Again, the more detailed and constructive your comment, the more you will be rewarded.

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Modpack Artivain


Minecraft: Java Edition (Premium)

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AZ launcher (for Minecraft Premium)

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AZ launcher (non-premium)

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